If there were no darkness, how would we see the stars? Would we enjoy the morning light if we never kissed the night?  

November is Knowable invites you to embrace the deeply intuitive and transformative feminine energies that dwell in the darkness.

Lean into the dark and notice how quickly your eyes adjust to the stark beauty of November. 

(Poetry transcript below video) 





Only by getting naked is November knowable.


As the trees shed the last of their leaves, and daylight hours die, you inch your way towards the darkest night of the year. The clock strikes NOW, and Nature hisses: it’s time to free yourself of familiarity, brave the cave. 


Enveloped in the shadows of your subconscious, poisonous posers dance alongside allied balladeers. If life is a show, these are your key players. The producers want to sign off on the score. Your part: already written, unless you re-listen—in the dark.


In the waking world, betrayal won’t return your gaze. It’s all yang in this dazzling daytime rush to crush goals and subdue the much maligned yin. Fear wears fancy cocktails, charms you into taking one more sugary sip. Your vision impaired, you let a thief drive you home.


Yet, in the dream time, Fear won’t fly, his fancy footwear clipped of wingtips. Here, your view is Völva-vivid, sparked in the divine dark with wet wands of lightning. Your foremothers sing through the veil and hand you the seeress staff. Now you can look a lie straight in the eyes and laugh. There is no lack.


Your future, a bejewelled, blood-red refrain coursing through your veins, is open to interpretation. 



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